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Asbestos Abatement NYC



Keeping individuals at work and at home safe in order to carry out their daily duties is incredibly important for both homeowners and also corporate success. It allows confidence in both the organisation and equally the workers involved, and let’s not forget homeowners, as they can rest assured knowing that their family home is safe and habitable. At EVEREST CONTRUCTION ENT.  we aim to provide independent, sensible consultancy services in order to help you achieve a productive and safe workplace or family home. It’s our key mission to help all of our clients achieve a safe and productive property.


We are a professional and experienced team of independent consultants.


Everest Construction Enterprises is one of New York State leading providers of inspection and compliance. We are able to provide comprehensive solutions in many different types of  infrastructure. We guarantee to offer an unrivalled range of services and expertise through accredited field based operations and consultancy support.


We specialise in a field of many different services, some of which include: Asbestos removal in NYC, Asbestos floor removal in NYC,Asbestos Air Monitoring, Project Monitoring, Asbesto Abatement - NY, Asbestos Removal in NYCCleaning and Construction. Asbestos testing in NYC, We are highly qualified, certified and licensed accordingly with New York State for testing and inspection of Asbestos. All our services are carefully carried out by experienced and trained members of staff.


All of our employee's experience, training and frequent auditing allows for only the highest standards which we strive to consistently meet each and every single time.

Asbestos removal is a service we offer in New York, and we are proud to be one of the best asbestos removal services in the area. We have been servicing clients across the state since [2006], and our team is ready to help you out with any job that needs doing.

Fields of Expertise:

- Abatement & Removal

- Asbestos Pipe Insulation Removal

- Asbestos Boiler Covering Removal

- Asbestos Floor Tiles Removal

- Lead Remediation

- Demolition

- Asbestos Roofing Removal

- Project Designer 



We have been trading ever since 2006 and have continued ever since in order to provide our clients with only the greatest in consultancy, asbestos surveys and advise New York State. Since then, we have continued to expanded both technically and commercially and now house an employee-base of 16 individuals who are able to professionally provide you with the best consultancy services and much more. We operate from an ideal and modern space that provides us with plenty of room for our current members of staff as well as allowing for enough space in order for us to grow in the future.


We have used our unique and professional experiences so far throughout our company’s lifetime, serving a wide variety of many different clients and sectors, in order to fully develop a company of individuals and professional services, that we can truly be proud of.




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